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China Dragon

Restoration Week!



We're making progress but we still need your support and encouragement. We found out where her major leak was and also are getting ready to repair the damage that was done when the very large fishing boat: the Avenger hit her stern.  

Many watched her motor from Monterey Marina to Breakwater Cove and have been taking photos of her. She's front and center in the BoatYard, right next to the GIANT FISHING BOAT that is "only" 70 tons. China Dragon is 14 tons. 

Join us in sanding, painting, and restoring her in Phase 1 preparation for her trip to Pt. Pinos and back. Later to join the Feast of Lanterns (July 25-29th) Floating Boat Parade from the Marina to Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove, CA.

Watch from Fisherman's Wharf (by the large bronze fisherman pulling a net statue) or join us with your gloves and tools of the trade at Breakwater Cove to watch her haul out.

Sign up for a 2 to 4 hour labor commitment during the week and receive tons of gratitude and satisfaction of knowing you make a HUGE difference.

RSVP to offer volunteer labor

by emailing us at

[email protected]



VOLUNTEERS NEED TLC: Volunteer to bring coffee, cookies, brownies, munchies, salads and good will to the volunteers while we work each day at the Breakwater Cove Marina. Bring quarters for the public parking lot and join the fun.



(Sue Foo means Beautiful Woman in Chinese)

Follow the Sue Foo as she gets transported from Minnesota to her new home in California for a Community Restoration Project.

She deserves to float in the harbor next to her sister, China Dragon. Sue Foo is a 35 ft Chinese Junk Boat. The Sue Foo has a dragon on on her port side and a peacock on the other. The Cost to transport her will include a crane on either end of her trip at a total cost of $6500.00  

Donate to the Sue Foo project and receive all kinds of 

recognition, love, appreciation, and the satisfaction of preserving history and come visit her in Monterey, CA. Donations of $20 or more will include Your Name or Company engraved on a plaque to be displayed on the Sue Foo. Sue Foo is being generously donated by Mr. Regner age 83 whose only wish is to see the Sue Foo floating in the ocean once again.